Adult Assessments

If you are not in full time education, then you will need to pay to have a test for dyslexia. Some large employers and those in the public sector would be expected to fully fund a diagnostic assessment. Smaller employers agree to fully or partly funding a diagnostic assessment (although there is no legal obligation for them to do so).

There are 4 different types of assessment:

Dyslexia Checklist

A free checklist which covers some of the main areas that people with dyslexia may have difficulties in. The checklist does not provide proof that you have dyslexia (or the severity), but does provide an indication of whether a professional assessment would be helpful.

Online Screening Test:

An online screening test which can help people to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and whether it is likely that they have dyslexia. The report can be used by employers to identify areas which could require reasonable adjustments to be made in the workplace. Some employers will not accept an online screening test as proof of dyslexia.
BDA/Do-IT Solutions Screening + Profiler
(suitable for those aged 16+)
Cost – £48

Lucid Research SPOT Your Potential

(suitable for those aged 15+)
Cost – £29.99

Diagnostic assessment (Chartered Psychologist)

Assessments take up to three hours. You will do a range of tests which will look at verbal comprehension, perceptual organisation, working memory, literacy ability and processing speed. Tests are carried out by a Chartered Psychologist.

This type of assessment is suitable for you if you are an adult and do not think that you will be returning to education.


Dyslexia Action
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Office Visits (Kent, London, Sussex, and South East Coast)
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Diagnostic assessment (Qualified Teacher with a PATOSS SpLD assessment practising certificate)
Assessments take around two and a half hours. The assessment will include tests of reading accuracy, reading comprehension, phonological processing, non-word decoding, spelling, writing, working memory, visual processing, motor-coordination, visual/verbal underlying ability and, in some cases, maths. Tests are carried out by a qualified teacher who has also studied SpLDs and will have a PATOSS SpLD Assessment Practising Certificate.


Dyslexia Action
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Jacqui Frances
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