Challenges in the Workplace

If you believe that your dyslexia is making you struggle at work, you are not alone; most people with dyslexia will experience this at some point in their career. However, it is likely that you are struggling not because of your dyslexia but because your work systems and work environment are not dyslexia friendly. Technology, dyslexia awareness training for your colleagues, and training to help you with the things you struggle with (because of dyslexia), can help.

If you are struggling at work, and have dyslexia (or believe that you have dyslexia), you need to ask your employer to make “reasonable adjustments.” They can contact access to work to arrange a workplace assessment for you.

If your employer is refusing to make any reasonable adjustments, you can contact access to work directly and request a workplace assessment. Access to work will then contact your employer on your behalf.

If your employer has not implemented reasonable adjustments, has removed support systems which have been set-up by a workplace assessment, or you feel you are being treated unfairly in anyway because you are dyslexic, contact:

The Equality Advisory Support Service free helpline: 0808 800 0082
(Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm).

They cannot provide legal advice, but they can support you to claim your rights under the Equalities Act.

You may find it beneficial to attend an adult peer group for support and search for a new job in a company which treats all employees equally (regardless of disability).