Podcasting: A Dyslexic information super highway.

Sean Douglas from Extraordinaire Digital media wrote a piece in the January issue of BDA regarding the huge advantages of Dyslexics using podcasts. Podcast can generally be listened to on most smart devises, so you can listen whenever and wherever you like.

Many people may have trouble understanding what a podcast is, Sean says “think of podcasts as Netflix for audio content, but instead of Netflix , shows are searchable via platforms such as iPlayer or iTunes. If you’ve got a favourite radio show there’s probably an accompanying podcast.”

The advantage podcasts have over radio is that they allow independent producers to create radio that competes directly with established broadcasters. Meaning issues that would never be discussed on mainstream radio can now have whole shows dedicated to them. Indeed Sean launched a monthly podcast called Codpast dedicated to celebrating the positive side of Dyslexia. In December 2014 Sean’s show was featured second in the iTunes list of the newest and most noteworthy education podcasts.

A new episode of The Codpast is released every first Monday of the month. For more information go to thecodpast.wordpress.com